Sufficiency Economy Family activities to School and communities

Foundation of Sufficiency Economy Family cooperates with Chainatpittayakom School has organized “Sufficiency Economy Family activities to School and communities, year 2019. Activity knowledge of the king towards the goal of sustainable development.
By being honored by Miss Uamporn Nawee, Board and assistant secretary general of the Sufficiency Economy Family. Is a signatory to the anti-corruption intentions for administrator, teachers and student representatives of Chainatpittayakom School.
And has provided training to educate students on the topic of living by adhering to the philosophy of sufficiency economy 5 words 5 things that Father taught and preparing to enter the university.
In this regard, the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation in learning management was adopted to apply the philosophy of sufficiency economy and the operation of the Sufficiency Economy Family between the Sufficiency Economy Family of Chainatpittayakom School, Wat-Thammamoon School and Baanthaya-udom Sub-district health promoting hospital.

Credit: Mr.Thananon Tantiwat M.5/3

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