the opening ceremony student military training

Col.Phudtiphoom Boonprom, Leader of student military training center, 13th Mlitary circle presided the opening ceremony of the student military training at Chainatpittayakom School training center, academic year 2019. There were 813 military students of Chainat province and 30 military officers and administrators who attended this event.
After the opening ceremony, the student military of Chainatpittayakom School participated in an activity titled “Volunteer spirit of student military”. The primary purpose of this activity is to get rid of weeds, beautify the landscape and apply a new theory of agriculture based on the philosophy of economic sufficiency. According to the current curriculum, military student volunteer activities are also part of military training .

Cradit: Acting SubLt.Kamonpat Eksiri & Mr.Thananon Tantiwat M.5/3

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