Organizational structure

Organizational characteristics

                Chainatpittayakom School, formerly known as “Chai Bumrungrad School”, was built in 1909 and later changed its name to “Chai Nat Vichai Bumrungrad School”. “Vichai Bumrungrad School” to “Chainatpittayakom School” respectively to the present moment.

                Chainatpittayakom School is Located at 55/30 Scout 1, Tambon Ban Kluay, Amphoe Mueang, Chainat Chainat Province, Postcode 17000. Under the Office of the Secondary Education Region 5 ,Office of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education. School name: Chainatpittayakom School, Obec code : 090268 ,SMIS code : 08012001 , Website address: , E-mail address: , Telephone number: 056-411645 , Fax number: 056-411507 and located in the municipality of Chainat. Community style is urban, commercial district. Most of the population occupied their professions in agriculture and traders. Mostly Buddhist. There are local traditions that are known both at home and abroad is “Festival birds puppet Chainat province”.  

                Chainatpittayakom School is a secondary school of extra large size. Open for juniors and high school. Organized a lesson plans for junior at high school 12:12:12 and high school 11:11:11. Currently, there are 2,920 students, 187 teachers and educational personnel. The structure of management is divided into 4 factions: Academic Department, Budgeting Department, Student Welfare Department and General administration Department. School board, Basic Education Commission are supervising the administration in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education. Chainatpittayakom School has parent and teacher associations, Old student association. Chainatpittayakom School provide support for school activities to be effective.