core competencies of school

Chainatpittayakom school has the goal of education management at the standard quality level. The important core competencies of Chainatpittayakom school are and can be an important resource in the management of school education, including Management Competency: MC, Budget Management: BM, Quality of personnel and Creating an educational ambiance. Chainatpittayakom school is ready and has the potential of competencies all 4 sections as follows:

  1. Management Competency: MC   Administrator have the ideas in the administration and management spheres of education aimed the school to become  a high quality school. Administrator has leadership and management by applying management processes in  a school-based management (SBM), Deming Cycle (PDCA) , SWOT Analysis (SWOT), Results-Based Management (RBM), Good Governance and Team Work, for managing the planning of a work system that facilitates the development of a school into a learning organization, applying new techniques, improving the quality of learners to become an academic leader, by encouraging educational personnel and providing learning to improve the quality of students as learners and the student’s work is published to the public.
  2. Budget Management: BM   The school has a policy to operate by allocating annual budget for efficiency and effectiveness, financial accounting audit, material management and assets. It also mobilizes resources for the development of school education with the Basic Education Commission, Old Student Association, Association of Parents and Teachers Chainatpittayakom school.
  3. Quality of personnel    The school has teachers and staff that are potential and capable, have a common vision, have committed to improve the quality of education, have experience and skills in teaching and producing learning media. It also uses educational technology to organize the learning process, to have moral and ethical conscience and continue to develop their profession.
  4. Creating an educational ambiance   Developing innovative media using technology. Providing sufficient quantity and quality for teaching and learning to keep students up to date. Our school used to manage all learning areas. Have a laboratory room at learning area and other learning resources in school. There are activities to encourage students to exchange the academic to give students the ability to analyze, think and artificial. Have knowledge of nearby level
    with international standards, Use knowledge properly as well as higher academic achievement.