strategy, Ideology

Strategy for improving the quality of school management.

           Strategy 1  Education management focuses on participation in School-Based Management (SBM) to drive quality to international standards.           

          Strategy 2  Develop personnel and encourage the use of Science, Technology and Local Wisdom to use in the learning process by focusing on the learners.

           Strategy 3   Encourage students to have Knowledge, Morality, Good quality of life, Democracy and apply the philosophy of sufficiency economy to be ready for ASEAN and the world.

           Strategy 4  Using technology to support Learning, Management and Effective communication.

           Strategy 5  Development environment, Botanical School and Learning resources to facilitate the learning process and use the utilities efficiently.

           Strategy 6    Encourage the community to participate in educational management.


Student Development Ideology

           1. Love to read, love to write, love to learn and love to research. To be the basement for learning and further study.

           2. Have academic knowledge and have basic skills in using technology to improve learning.

           3. Have good manners to others with smile, greetings, good negotiation, etiquette, kindness, responsibility. To develop students to be Good people, Smart and Happy in the society. This is a perfect human being and a good citizen of the country.

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