Strategy for improving the quality of school management.

Strategy 1  Supporting the development of learning resources at school.
          Development strategy
                   1.1  Develop physical and environmental education facilities to be ready for education.
                   1.2  Develop technology for effective management and learning.

                   1.3  Develop learning resources to provide  learning full potential.  
                   1.4  Encourage community participation and support education.      

Strategy 2  Develop curriculum and academic work to be of international quality standard.
          Development strategy
                   2.1  Develop curriculum and academic work to promote students with full potential.
                   2.2  Develop a variety of learning processes. The focus is on Child-centered learning.

                   2.3  Improve quality of education through media, technology and innovation.
                   2.4  Develop effective measurement and evaluation systems. 
                   2.5  Create a learning society to provide continuous quality development.

Strategy 3  To develop teachers and staff quality.
          Development strategy
                   3.1  Create a professional learning communities (PLC).
                   3.2  Promote the development of teachers’ competences to have the knowledge and skills of learning management in accordance with the basic education curriculum of international standards.

                   3.3  Promote and develop teachers in accordance with professional standards.  
                   3.4  Encourage teachers to use research to improve their skills.

Strategy 4  Developing the quality of learners to the level of international standards.
          Development strategy
                   4.1  Strengthen knowledge development, capacity and skills, according to the basic school curriculum and international standards.
                   4.2  Strengthen moral ethics and desired characteristics.

                   4.3  Strengthen the development of key skills. 3R8C
                   4.4  Strengthen student identity.
                   4.5  Strengthen life skills for good citizens of society. Keeping traditions of Thailand.

Strategy 5 The development of education management system by quality system as a school of learning.
          Development strategy
                   5.1  Education Management with quality system based on good governance and King’s Philosophy.
                   5.2  Create a network participation for educational management.
                   5.3  Develop quality assurance system student support system, guidance system, information system, internal control system and internal supervision system to be  strengthened to facilitate the management of education.
                   5.4  Mobilize resources to improve the quality of education.

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