School information

Chainatpittayakom School

สิกฺขา วิรุฬฺหิ สมฺปตฺตา (Sickha Wirunhi Simputta)
(The study is exuberant)

School information


  •  ช.น.พ./C.N.P.


  • November 9, 1909 (108 ปี)


  •  Pha-Chainarunat


  • The Secondary Educational Service Area Office 5
  • Office of the Basic Education Commission : OBEC
  • Ministry of Education


  • สิกฺขา วิรุฬฺหิ สมฺปตฺตา (Sickha Wirunhi Sumputta)/ The study is exuberant.

School symbol

  • Dharmachakra buddha statue gesture blessing, Standing on the lotus flower above the acronym C.N.P.

Color of school

  • Purple – White is the color of Chainatpittayakom school.  This is due to the combination of the two schools, That is Vichai Bumrungrad School was red-white and the color of the Satri-chainat school was blue-white. When merging Vichai Bumrungrad School and Satri-chainat School together, White is still white/ Blue and red are purple together. So purple-white color is the color of Chainatpittayakom school.

School philosophy

  • Harmonious, Discipline, Pay attention to learn

Student philosophy

  • Regularity, Discipline,  Strong, Perseverance, Endure,  Punctual, Honest, Conserve

School tree

  • Pink trumpet tree/ Scientific name : Tabebuia rosea

School Buddha statue 

  • Rattanakosin-chai-ya-nat-mongkol Buddha statue gesture blessing.

School song

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