Vision, mission, goals

Vision : Academic excellence based on the Merits, Advanced technology route to international standards.

Mission :

  1. Management of quality education.
  2. Develop a learning process that focuses on learners. Allow students to develop their full potential to be a person of learning and technology skills.
  3. Insert moral, ethical, democratic. Prepare for the ASEAN Community and the World Society and apply the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in the process of learning.
  4. Encourage health care, Maintain physical health Mental health and good quality of life.
  5. Applying technology to the management and learning process.
  6. Encourage the school botanical garden, Make school environment shady and clean, Can be used as learning resources that facilitate learning.
  7. Provide community participation and support education.

Goal :

  1. Management of quality education.
  2. Students seek self-knowledge. Have thinking skills and management systems.
  3. Students are democratic to be ready for the ASEAN community and the world. Living the life by following the philosophy of sufficiency economy and have desired characteristics.
  4. Students have physical health. Mental health and good quality of life.
  5. Teachers and students are examples of good technology in the community.
  6. School personnel are involved in encourage the school botanical garden. Happy to be in a good environment and students have more learning resources in schools.
  7. The school has been cooperating and supporting the education of the community.

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