Vision, Mission, Purpose

Vision :
Make international standards. To academic excellence and morality

Mission :

  1. Management education quality standards.
  2. Develop learning processes that focus on learners. Develop students to the fullest potential. Be a person of learning and technology skills.
  3. Provide moral, ethical, democratic. Prepare for the ASEAN Community and World Society. Introduce the philosophy of Sufficient Economy in the process of learning.
  4. Encourage health care. Maintain physical and mental health that provides students with a good quality of life.
  5. Bring educational technology to the management and learning processes.
  6. Encouraged by the school botanical garden help provide the environment in schools to be clean. Can be used as a learning source conducive to learning and teaching.
  7. Provide community participation and support education management.

Purpose :

  1. Management education of high quality standards.
  2. Students to seek for self-knowledge. Have a systematic thinking and management skills.
  3. Students to be democratic. Being ready for the ASEAN Community and the World Society to follow the philosophy of Sufficient Economy and to have desirable features.
  4. Students to have a physical and mental health and good quality of life
  5. Teachers and students to be a role models in use of good technology for the community.
  6. School personnel to be involved in the promotion of botanical gardens. To be happy in a good environment and provide students more learning resources at school.
  7. School to receive cooperation and support for education management from the community.