School History

              Chainatpittayakom school was established in 1909, by Phra-chainarunat, as a governor, in collaboration with officers and people. Built at Wat-Pang subdistrict, later the end of the year 1912, Chao-Khun Wichienprakarn (governor) had  moved the city hall to Ban Kluay subdistrict and in 1913, the school was moved and rebuilt at the lawn on the north side of town hall. January 3, 1914 PhraOupprakornsinlapasat, the education officer of a Nakhonsawan precinct, had came for grand opening to school under name “Chainat provincial boarding school”. In 1950 it was renamed Chainat school “Vichai Bumrungrad”. In 1956, The Department of Teacher Training call  for the dissolution of the Chainat Teacher Training School, the handing over of land and buildings to school to use for education. On June 27, 1975, it was merged with Chainat Female school “Kanarasdornbumrong 2” into the same name school. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education the setting up a school, as a coeducational school named “Chainatpittayakom school” and using the mixed high school curriculum took place in the academic year 1969. Later in 1976, Chainatpittayakom school had participated in the regional secondary school development project. At present Chainatpittayakom School is open from Junior high school to Senior high school according to the basic school curriculum. Total school’s area is (86,828 square meters or 21.456 acre)

                In the academic year 1981, the Ministry of Education announced the adoption of the senior high school education curriculum, instead of dated 1975 curriculum. Extended from 2 to 3 years and made a High School Curriculum, in 1975  one level gradually gone away. Education Program is 6-3-3. In the academic year 1982, the school had classes 12-12-12 / 8-8-8 and a total of 60 rooms. In the academic year 1984, the quantity of students of Lower secondary education was decreased. The Department of Education ordered the school to classify as 12-12-12 / 8-6-5 then gradually change to 12-12-12/8-8-8 in the academic year 1986.

               In academic year 2007, project “good school near the house”  (Dream school) was  announced  as 12-12-12 / 10-10-10 total 66 rooms. Evaluated to as the school’s dream school on February 23, 2009.

              In year 2011 through external quality assessment round 3, batch#1/2011 from Office of Nation Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organisation).

               Mr. Thawan Tantirapong is the school director from October 27, 2015 to September 30, 2017.