Support system

Students care and support system
          Students care and support system consists of Encourage, Develop, Prevent and Solve problems. Directions for students to develop full potential. It has desired characteristics, Mental immunity, Good quality of life, Life skills and Surviving the crisis.

Guidance system
          Helps students to get knowledge and understand themselves as in education and careers. They can choose their own way of life, understand others and live happily with other people.

Educational quality assurance system
          Use quality assurance systems to improve the quality of school education according to quality standards for providing confidence in the management of education in every aspect.

Education Policy
          1.  School development to be Strong, Have a clear vision. The quality and efficiency of teaching and learning can be same quality as international standards
          2.  Create a culture of co-operative thinking, co-ordinate and use networks to develop education.
          3.  Develop curriculum and learning process to be of international quality and standards along with cultivate moral, desired characteristics and can live in the 21st century.

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